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The Body VR: Journey Inside a Cell Review

The Body VR: Journey Inside a Cell is an education based VR experience. It is not a game or re-creation of some sci-fi body thriller. If you are looking for spectacular blood and guts or an inappropriate picture or two, this is not for you. If you are at all interested in actually learning about the basic components of the human cell and some anatomy to jazz it up a bit, then this is definitely a winner. Narrated by what I can only imagine being a handsome Englishman, The Body VR takes you on an 11-minute journey through your body down to the microscopic level. There you can manipulate microfilaments, watch proteins march, and hold (virtually speaking) DNA. Distraction from the brief, basic but accurate narration is easily possible with all the fun cellular components the experience gives you to manipulate and study. I often found myself distracted and would recommend if using for a study tool to go through it a few times.

the body vr
the body vr
the body vr

Once the cell tour is completed and we return to the main ship, there is another section called Anatomy Viewer. This is where it gets really fun for all my fellow anatomy geeks. Here is a replica of the human body, which can be picked apart down to the vascular system. This includes muscles, organs, ligaments you name it… all without that awful cadaver smell. While exploring all body parts are labeled making this an excellent learning tool or review.

The experience is very passive, minimal movement is necessary. Languages supported are English, French, Spanish, Chinese, and German. Graphics can also be set to low, medium and high resolution. Most importantly it’s FREE!

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