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Stand Out VR Review

There is a new style of gameplay that is taking the world by storm.  It is the battle royale craze that has every kid playing and living out their fantasies to be the last man standing in a survival scenario where scrounging for weapons, stealth, and knowledge of your playing field is crucial.  With this craze being so popular we have seen the company Raptor Lab develop a game for virtual reality much like Playerunknown’s battleground. It is called Stand Out VR.

Stand Out is trying to appeal to the crowd that plays fortnite and PubG (Playerunknown’s Battleground).  They have developed a first person shooter battle royale game that can make one feel as if you are alone on an island and trying to survive with your life.  They did a great job in making sure that the graphics are realistic. That being said all of the various buildings and towns are very similar and thus making it a bit repetitive.  It can be hard to distinguish where you are on the island because of this. Luckily looking at the map is a very easy function as all that is needed is to look at your wrist. There are other things that are buddy about the game as well, but I won’t talk about them because of there minor in nature and I am sure will be fixed as the developers have more time to polish the game.

As for the controls of the game they are not simple.  This isn’t a bad thing as this game requires more control and more abilities than just simply standing in one spot shooting at things that come toward you.  There are a variety of different weapons and tools on the map that require you to use different buttons. This is not a game that I would recommend to the first time user in VR.  Not only are the controls going to be a bit advanced but the movement system is very aggressive. It uses a type of movement that allows you to control where you move with the swipe of your thumb on the trackpad.  This can cause some sickness with first time users.

All in all i think the game is great.  It is still in its infancy and still being polished and developed but I think that this is a game to watch out for in the VR world.  It is a ton of fun to sneak up on people and take them out before they kill you. It is also very rewarding surprisingly to be the last man standing.  It almost feels as if you really did survive a giant battle and are walking out with your life. I recommend that you try this game at least once if going to an arcade or playing it on your personal system.  Just be cautious of and cyber sickness that may happen with your first time playing.

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