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Sprint Vector Review

Do you remember sitting in front of your tv with eyes glued to your screen as you played some of your most favorite racing games.  Who doesn’t remember playing Mario Kart, or Crash Team Racing. I know that these were some of my favorite games. Some of my fondest daydreams were trying to imagine what it would be like to race and battle like these virtual games.  Years later though I can live that dream. Thanks to Survios.

Sprint Vector is one of Survios’ new titles they have released for VR.  Its essentially the first well done multiplayer racing game. One of the biggest differences with this title is you are actually not driving but speed skating.  It’s actually a refreshing change to the conventional go kart. So because of this change you will find that everything is a little more intense. You are face first in all the action.  Not only is there not a go-kart but there are many new dimensions that Survios has incorporated to this genre. You can more than just accelerate, brake, and drift. You can climb, jump, and fly.  This isn’t really a game that is just about driving or seeing who can drive the fastest on flat roads. This is a game about who can get the start to the finish the fastest but with the most creativity.  There isn’t always one way that is fastest. There could be a number of different ways to race tracks because of all the different ways to race. The best part is that you also can receive power ups and ruin someone’s race just like in mario kart.  Although they might not be mushrooms and turtle shells, they are awesome lasers and nitrous boosts.

Although this game has great features and excitement factor there are some issues.  For those that have weaker stomachs, be cautious. At FeVR Gaming I have seen multiple people have problems with motion sickness with this game.  They play for about 10 minutes and have to stop because there can be a lot going on at once. The good news is that the more sessions you play the more you will find yourself building a tolerance to the disorientation that might be produced by VR.  On top of that the controls can be hard for some people. It took me personally a good little while until I figured out the controls and could actually race, others it takes them even longer. I have seen a lot of people try this game and then give up because of the frustration.  In spite of this if you can buckle down and learn the controls and mechanics of the game this game becomes absolutely jammed pack with fun!

sprint vector characters

Overall ,  This game I think is worth putting in the library.  Survios did a great job pioneering one of the first multiplayer racing games for VR.  I think that everyone should try this game and if the first time it doesn’t seem very fun or too complicated i would advise to try, and try again.  “The Third time’s the charm,” really does apply here. So stop being stagnant with Mario Kart or Crash Team Racing, and jump headfirst into this fast paced high stakes innovation that we call Sprint Vector!

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