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Smashbox Arena Review

As a parent we look for things to do as an entire family.  Although as time progresses we often find that there is less and less to do as a family.  This could be because of fickle teenagers or lack of interest in the particular activity that is suitable for a family.  Or even the fact that the world might just not have family activities as a priority and instead think there is more money made on an individual consumer.  Have no fear though mom and dad. Something has come that will save all of the future family nights! Smashbox Arena, a competitive, appropriate, and fun game that the whole family can enjoy.  

Smashbox arena is basically dodgeball but with fantastic power ups!  You don’t need to make the throwing motion to actually play, instead you have blasters that suck up and shoot the balls at the enemy opponents.  So know need to worry about breaking anything around you. Its basic point and shoot. With this is mind though the developers put in some great spices to make the game more exciting and rich.  There are shields, snipers, grenades, and a number of different types of “balls” that you can use to get the other players out. There is also a great number of maps that you will need different strategies to be able to come out on top.  On top of the maps and the powerups, you can also customize your character with different unlockable appearances to strut your stuff around the battlefield and silently intimidate those that oppose you. There is truly something in this game for all users.

Smashbox Arena is one of the first multiplayer based games that you can select and customize your teams.  So you can have mom and daughter teams or kids versus parents. All players are linked up in the party chat so Jr. can feel free to talk some smack to dad and let him know who the real king of the house is.  I mean what parent doesn’t want to have the chance to hit their kid with a ball? Now you can without the repercussion of being labeled a bad parent. Smashbox also has different modes of play that can keep the family on their toes time and time again.  If you are bored with the classic mode, you can try capture the flag, or even the all snipers mode. That should bring the excitement back!

All in all we at VRTechU are excited about this game and are glad to see what it is doing for the families out there.  If you are a parent looking for something to do on a friday night with the wife and kids, find your nearest VR arcade, (We have a tool located in the menu), or buy the vr setup and put it in your house so you can see exactly what I’m talking about and score those good parent points with the kids.  I promise that your kids will think you are the coolest parents since sliced bread.

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