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Setup VR in Your Home (Step 3)

W elcome to step 3, where we will be talking all about hardware needed to run these VR headsets.  You can find the other two articles, which talk about pricing and space needed for some of the headsets, here. Hardware is always a tricky and somewhat daunting obstacle.  Most people don’t know what RAM is compared to Memory. Or what the difference is between a SSD or an HDD, or even what a CPU compared to a GPU. The crazy thing is that once you figure out what all of these things are you now need to figure out exactly what kind of components you need to run your VR headset.  So feel free to put your note taking stuff back because we are going to lay things out really simply and under 600 words for you. We want you to be able to take this article to the nearest retailer near you and know exactly what you want and need to dominate the virtual realms.

So we will just start simple.  If you are buying the PSVR all you need is a Playstation 4.  Super simple and your cheapest option. Almost as simple as the PSVR is the Samsung Gear and Google daydream.  For phones that work with the Gear VR you can look at this article here.  For phones that are compatible with the google daydream look here. Now if you want to get something like the HTC Vive in your house or the oculus rift, you will need a computer.  These computers can’t just be any old computer that you get at the store. They need to be powerful gaming rigs.  When choosing a computer to run the oculus or the vive you really need to only worry about a couple of things, The GPU and the CPU.  Everything else will most likely be scaled to be able to keep up with those two pieces of hardware. If you are building your own pc you can find more specifics for other components here.

So really quick a GPU is a graphics card.  They are essentially in charge of how well the graphics will be displayed on your screen.  So if you want things to run liquidsmooth without and “choppiness” or “lag” you will want to get a higher end GPU.  A CPU is essentially the engine for your computer. This is how fast your pc will perform and how much it can handle.  So if you want it to be quick and powerful you will want it to have a higher end CPU. So as long as you get an Intel Core i5-4590 CPU or an AMD FX 8350 CPU, you can run the Vive or the Rift.  For the GPU you need a NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 or an AMD Radeon RX 480.  So as long as you have these components or better, you will be able to run any pc based vr system.  So stay tuned for our next article for some little tips and tricks for installation in your home!

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