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Setup VR In Your Home (Step 1)


o you just got home from your nearest virtual reality arcade, and your thinking about how much of a mind blowing experience you just had.  Now you’re thinking of how you can get that same technology inside of your own house. Virtual reality is a new technology that can seem like a huge monster to tackle and understand.  Where is the right information that will help you find exactly what you want? Let’s be real, there are a large number of headsets, and different types of virtual reality systems, from the Vive, all the way to the piece of cardboard you got at your last business party.  Well, as you can probably guess, you no longer need to look anywhere else because here at VRtechU we have you covered with all of your virtual reality needs. So strap in, and we’ll answer any questions you have and by the time you are done with this 7 article installment you’ll know just as much as us!

So the first thing that we have to decide is “What do you want your virtual reality for?”  There are a number of things that virtual reality can do and offer. You could use it to just watch videos;  There are so many videos out there that were made to view in a 360 degree format, but we aren’t taking advantage of it.  No longer would you need to look at the lush wilds of the amazon, or fly over the grand canyon from your two dimensional computer screen.  You can be inside of the experience instead of outside of it. You can almost touch the water droplets that run down the bamboo shafts in china, or pet the fish in the great barrier reef.  So if you want to just look at videos and movies then there are many different headsets we can look at like the Google Daydream, or Samsung Gear.

augmented reality on iphone
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Now if you want to do more than just view 360 content, and you want to compete head to head with people and live out your fantasy of saving the world from a zombie apocalypse;  Then you need to get something that is pc based, like the Playstation VR, or the Oculus Rift.  Although some of the phone based vr headsets have games developed for them, they are not going to provide the greatest experiences for gaming. Gaming with a vr headset takes the immersion of a game to a whole new level. There are games out there that will make you think that you are actually on top of a 30 story building, even shooting enemy spacecraft, or competing with professional athletes.  I can say that if you got a gaming vr setup in your house, you can say goodbye to your mainstream consoles, like Xbox or Playstation.

So in conclusion you need to think what you are primarily going to use your vr system for.  This will affect how much money you spend and how much space you will allocate for your VR system.  So stay tuned for the other 6 installments of this series, so that you can bring Virtual Reality into your Reality.

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