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Rec Room: A Social Game Celebrating You

“Just be yourself!”, this phrase or one like is constantly broadcast. Yet have you ever noticed the push to “be true to you” has never really translated in gaming? The majority of tech games have a larger than life hero, sinister villain, cartoon character, world famous athlete etc. When we play, we play to be different, to escape our real selves. Against Gravity’s Rec Room VR game changes that. It encourages you to be you, and have fun with it. Here everyone is just themselves, playing games with other people just being themselves. It really is unique to traditional console and multi shooter VR games. In Rec Room you are having a live VR experience with other VR players, transcending geographic or time zones. It feels like you are physically in a room with people who could be playing VR on the other side of the country.

rec room paintball
rec room table tennis
rec room quest
rec room disc golf
rec room charades

The social aspect is truly incredible. It is so easy to make friends and connections. You know
how kids are always making quick friends on the playground, so they can actually play
together… Rec Room is the closest tech based game to recreate this simplicity of interaction.
Don’t let the simple graphics fool you, in an hour you can easily shoot hoops, throw darts, play
charades, join a disc golf game, fire rounds of paintball, compete in paddle ball, “kick” a soccer
ball, even attempt a VR high five. Rec Room’s min game Quest is fabulous. Inside Quest players
wield swords or bows and arrows (as themselves, not some fantastical knight) and work together
to defeat monsters in a dungeon. All graphics are very simple and appropriate for younger ages
(the game developers set the age to 13 or older but I feel comfortable playing with my 8-year-

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