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Raw Data Review

Raw Data is one of the most popular games for the VR right now.  You can go into almost any arcade and find it in there public library, and there is a reason why.  Survios, the developers, really did a wonderful job producing this game.  Its loads of fun to be able to put yourself in a small ragtag crew that calls themselves the SYNDIK8.  With four different playable characters there is no way that the antagonist, EDEN CORP., could stand in your way.  It really is a game full of action and adrenaline pumped scenarios for you to explore and conquer.

In their campaign mode there are about 10 different levels that you can play through and save the world from global takeover.  You get to implant yourself into the EDEN CORP organization and steal away their deepest secrets that would topple the organization.  You can play as Bishop, a dual pistol wielding more modern version of Neo.  You can harness his time slowing capabilities and destroy wave after wave of robots.  There is also Saija, a cyborg ninja who wields what feels like a katana lightsaber.  With her agility and swords you can hack and slash your way to the top of EDEN tower.  Then there is Boss.  A rugged bad to the bones demolition man.  With him as your choice you can harness the ability to plow through enemies with your explosive fists and powerful shotgun.  Play as him and watch yourself mow down the enemies.  Lastly there is Elder, Saija’s father.  He wields a bow and arrow that make you feel like a superhero.  The energy infused arrows take out anything you need.  Although each character had there own style of combat there really isn’t a whole lot of strategy when playing the game.  It is rather simple,  the wave starts and you just start spamming your abilities until you win.  I wish there were more mechanics.  I suppose though that when you raise the difficulty from normal to hard there are some increased strategic movements that need to be made but it still is basically the same thing.  The campaign doesn’t offer a whole lot of replay-ability, but the good news is that you can play through the whole thing in co-op if you choose!

Although the campaign can be a little anticlimactic it still will be one of the best and most well  developed campaigns on the market right now.  The campaign isn’t what is going to keep you playing though,  It’s the PvP that will keep you enveloped.  Survios did an absolutely great job at producing the PvP for this game.  You can team up with up to 4 other people and battle 5v5 in a king of the hill style game.  You still can play as the four characters mentioned earlier but they actually do have different play styles here.  You have to use teamwork and strategy if you want to succeed here.  I find myself losing track of time and playing match after match.  It is seriously one of the most amazing thing for VR right now.  There really is nothing better than being able to destroy your opponents in a VR setting.  It feels much more accomplishing than any online console game I’ve played.

raw data characters

Overall this game i feel like should be rated a 7/10.  For $39.99 its a steal that will offer hours of fun, if you like online competitive PvP type play.  Sadly if you are looking for a well developed story and campaign maybe try elsewhere.  Even then though this is a wonderful experience that you and your friends could all get a huge kick out of playing!  I absolutely recommend this game to everyone, especially if you have friends that also have VR systems that you can link up with.  This is a game that gets better and better with the more people that are playing.  I think this is and will be the start of something that will shoot VR into the Esport realm. So if you ever want to see what it is like to play in the big leagues, download Raw Data today!

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