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Raw Data PvP Party/eSports in VR

Esports are exploding right now.  With some esport tournaments actually offering larger cash prizes than some traditional professional sport tournaments things are changing drastically in the “athlete” world.  No longer does one need to be in peak physical condition and dedicate the countless hours of training to develop the skills and discipline to compete at a professional level.  All you need to do is sit in a chair and play video games! It sounds like all those times my parents told me i was wasting my time with video games was just a lie!  I knew I should have dropped out of school and pursued my real dream of being a professional gamer.  All kidding aside there actually is an incredibly ridiculous amount of training that goes into becoming a professional gamer.  Just like being a conventional professional athlete one still needs to develop the same dedication and skills to become a professional in the esport realm.  With the emergence of VR though all of these things are going to be flipped on their heads.

Since VR is so new there are not any events or tournaments that are being organized or competed in as of late. Or even games being developed that can support something like that. We can really only speculate what those tournaments and events are going to be like.  Or is there something out there that we can speculate from?  Survios, the developer of Raw Data, is trying to be one of the first VR producers to hit this market.  On November 11th they were able to link 11 different arcades from around the world and host their own PvP party.  We were lucky enough to have our own arcade be apart of the action.  I was lucky enough to play a few matches during the party and it was definitely a noteworthy experience.  It was insane the amount of skill needed to be able to compete at a high level.  It was simple though, get your team to the middle of the map and capture the objective.  Once you had the objective you had to fend off the opposing teams with any strategy one could make up with his teammates.  This event was a huge step in the right direction to integrate VR into the eSporting world.  I can see Survios scaling this to larger levels and actually being able to support larger events and actual tournaments.  Once this happens there will be some real legitimacy brought to the eSports world.  The expectation to be a pro gamer will be flipped on its head.

We know that one does not need to be in peak condition to play video games at a professional level, but with VR that could change.  When i was playing during the Survios PvP party i actually was getting physically tired.  I am not peak physical specimen but i like to consider myself someone that has a somewhat active lifestyle.  I used to compete at a collegiate level in sports and was able to hang with some of the best athletes competing at the time.  This being said.  Competing in a multiplayer setting in vr was no walk in the park either.  So with the new movement in Raw Data beginning competitive online gaming to the VR world also brings a new generation of gamers.  To be able to play at a serious level gamers can’t be just chugging down energy drinks anymore and chilling in nice comfy chairs.  They will need to be in shape to be able to handle the physical demands of some of these games.  No more will the average gamer be called a couch potato.  To be able to be a gamer in the future one will need to be able to jump, squat, have quick feet, spacial awareness and be able to do all of this while being under physical stress.  So thank you Survios for making a huge step to bringing VR to the eSports world.  It looks like my dream of becoming a professional gamer as a kid still lives.  There is still hope.  I just need to hit the gym and shed some of this dad bod weight off if i hope to survive.

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