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Playstation VR Review

Virtual Reality is the next big thing in the gaming world.  With the release of the HTC Vive and the Oculus Rift people are looking to try and get VR into their homes.  There is a large hurdle in the way though. The hardware needed to play with the Vive and the Rift are very pricey, just to get a low end setup for those headsets you are looking to invest over $1000.  Luckily Sony has tried to combat that issue and bring in their own VR headset called, PSVR.

PSVR is a headset that is compatible with the Move controllers that Sony came out with a few years ago.  They also use the same camera that was used with the Move controllers. What interested me most about this particular headset was the price.  I mean I already had a Playstation 4 (which is a $300 value) so all I needed at that point was to buy the camera, controllers, and headset which was only $300.  Even if i were to buy a new playstation and everything I would only have invested about $600 instead of the thousands of dollars I could drop on the other headsets out there.  Although the price was great their were things that made me understand why the price was so low.

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Setting up the VR was complicated.  I had to hang new drapes in my room to block more light because the setup said that it was too bright in my room for the camera to pick anything up.  On top of that it took me a pretty good time to figure out that you needed a normal Playstation controller to navigate through the menus and other interfaces.  This was frustrating to have to continue to put the headset back on and off constantly. On top of that the headset was not very comfortable. Maybe I have a weird shaped head or something but the headset wanted to rest awkwardly on the bridge of my nose and because it did I ended up getting a pretty massive headache.  The other drawback was that it wasn’t a true 360 degree experience. I could not turn around because the tracking would be lost and the game would begin to glitch a ton. So they integrated a button into the controls to move the entire environment around you. This just made things complicated for me. Other than those little negative things the clarity wasn’t bad and the selection of games that are available for the system is not bad either.  I guess for $300 it wasn’t a bad deal.

In the end, if i just wanted VR in my home this would be a bargain.  $600 for everything is a steal when you compare it against some of the other headsets on the market today.  Even though it seems clunky and a little challenging to setup, I think that people will still have a great time playing with the system and seeing what VR has to offer.  In the very least I think that someone could purchase this system for themselves and at least see if it is worth investing the couple thousand dollars for a great system.  

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