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Oculus Rift Review

It seems that there are companies out there that have their hands in every single business market out there.  We even see this in today’s media such as in the hit tv show “Shark Tank,” where we see these tycoons invest in every kind of startup imaginable.  Facebook is another one of these companies.  We see the impact they have on our day to day life with properties such as Instagram, WhatsApp and Oculus Rift.

With the new price cut for the Oculus Rift, this is especially apparent.  The question though comes into play, “Could Facebook, a social media company, really have the knowledge, or know how to produce and develop a competitive virtual reality headset?” Ladies and gentleman, buckle up for what could be one of the biggest products to hit the market!

With so many headsets on the market, and the technology being so new, how does anyone know what is worth the money, and what isn’t?  Oculus has made this a little bit easier for the consumer by allowing them to demo games all over the nation.  One of the most common places to try out the headset is Best Buy.  This is the first place I tested it, and it was a great way to introduce myself to the product.  I put the headset on and immediately noticed how much lighter it was than the HTC-Vive.  At the same time, it didn’t feel as clunky, it was very sleek and streamlined, and it felt as if the headset was another appendage of my face.  I was so comfortable, it was like I had a sleeping mask on.  “Well this is pretty legit,” I thought, then I looked down.  Despite the wonderful engineering of the headset there was one set back.  The nose piece was small, and consequently let in a large amount of light that prevented me to get a full immersive experience.  I could catch glimpses of my feet and then any game that I was in was no longer as exciting, and no longer had me thinking that I was in another world.

person using oculus rift
oculus rift headset with camera and xbox controller

Although the tracking was pretty good, I did notice that the HTC-Vive was a little more sophisticated.  As I continued to play with the Oculus, in more private environments, I noticed that the tracking wasn’t as good as the Vive.

With all this being said everything that lacked in the headset, was made up by the touch controllers.  These controllers fit in your hand so perfectly and were so wonderful to use.  Much better than the logs that you call HTC controllers.  The touch controllers seemed as if the technology gods crafted them to fit the exact mold of my hands.  They were responsive and made the experience great.  It didn’t matter if I saw a little light or the tracking wasn’t the greatest because I felt like I was using my real hands to climb the sheer cliff faces in the infamous “The Climb” title.  With the use of the touch controllers my experience with the Oculus Rift was amazing and it keeps me coming back time and time again.

In the end, we can give the round of applause that Facebook deserves for developing the Oculus.  Coming into the consumer’s hands at only $400 makes it a very competitive price, and rivals the more traditional console systems today.  The other great thing, is that is requires minimum hardware to use it.  It now only requires a 1-3 processor and a nvidia 960 graphics card, which makes getting the Oculus Rift in your home much more realistic.  Although you may sacrifice fluidity of tracking, and quality of graphics with an Oculus,  you will save quite a few dollars in your pocket book.

All in all, if one of you future VR connoisseurs wishes to have VR in your home at a pretty affordable price, you don’t have to hold your breath any longer.  It’s here and it’s here to stay.  So stop reading my drabble on VR technology and get going on making your virtual, a reality!  

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