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HTC-Vive Review

As 2017 comes to a close, many doors remain open.  One of those doors being Virtual Reality.  This is a real technology that lately has been generating some real questions.  Such as what kind of headset should i get? Doesn’t my headset that i spent 50 bucks on do the same things as some of these “big name” headsets that are asking for $400+?  Or my favorite, “I played VR in the 90’s, it’s pretty much the same right?”  Whether you dabbled with VR back when “Friends” was the best thing to look forward to when you were down with work, or are just hearing about these new tech gadgets,  here we hope to answer some of those questions.

One of the most popular and biggest hitter in this market is the HTC Vive.  It is by far the most sophisticated headset on the market today.  The Vive takes advantage of Valve’s proprietary tracking technology to deliver the most immersive and seamless experience that can be produced today; but is this worth the $600 and huge investment of space in your house?  I guess it just depends on who you are asking.  If we were basing it on comfort then I would say no.  Although the Vive has come leaps and bounds with cutting the weight of the headset down, it is still a little heavy.  For the average consumer it could be hard for someone to forget that they are in their living room instead of exploring the virtual worlds because the weight of the headset can be distracting.  Now what if we asked someone who was more concerned about price.  If all you cared about was getting some form of VR in your home than the Vive isn’t for you.  There are cheaper headsets out there that will allow you to get “some” sort of immersive experience.  With these things being said if you were to ask anyone who was any sort of enthusiast about this market or even the video game industry they would tell you with a resounding yes, the Vive is worth the money!

htc vive lenses

The Vive really is the only VR system that will allow for a complete 360 degree immersive experience.  The games that are developed for it are incredible.  Valve even produced a free-to-play game called “The Lab” that offers hours upon hours of fun.  The tracking from the Lighthouse stations are uncanny,  as are the ability of the controllers and headset to sense where you are.  I have been playing with this system personally for almost a year now and still find myself forgetting that I am not the last human in the world fighting the zombie hordes.  Especially with HTC lowering the price on this headset to just $600, this is the Rolls Royce of headsets, the crem dela crem, the ultimate legendary weapon drop of the decade.

So stop imagining what it would be like to save the world from killer robots, or what it would be like to swim with whales and sea turtles, or even what it would be like to scale Mt. Everest.  Put your pants on and lace up your shoes and get yourself to your nearest retailer and buy this amazing gift that has been handed to us from the technology gods!

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