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Gorn Review

As a human race we have always loved the thrill of competition.  Through the ages we have always competed for honor and glory. Even back in ancient greece during the year 776 B.C. they were hosting one of the first instances of sport and competition.  Just a short while later we see one of the most well known competitions known to man. Ancient Rome was brutal as were its people. They loved war and conquering their fellow man. For sport in fun they would pit men against each other and make them fight to the death.  We call these men gladiators. Today we no longer have competitions that go until death, until now. With the release of Gorn you can become a gladiator just like in old times. You can step into the shoes of a real gladiator and battle to the death against computer players and bring honor to yourself and family.  

Gorn is one of the first hand to hand combat games to hit the Virtual Reality market.  It is a game not for the faint of heart because of its crazy amounts of brutality. In Gorn you can bash, slash, and smash countless opponents until you are the last man standing.  As you fight through countless waves of challengers you will unlock more weapons which will allow for newer techniques and harder opponents. As you fight through horde after horde of gladiators you will eventually be able to fight against epic bosses that stand as formidable opponents.  They require quick thinking and strategy to be able to please the emperor in order to move on and not lose your life. That is the point of the whole game, make sure the emperor is entertained. After every round one must tap into their inner Russell Crowe and ask “Are you not entertained?”

The mechanics of the game are very simple.  Pick up weapons with the trigger and start to hack and slash.  You can move as fast as you want with your weapons which will bring a sense of mundane play to the game.  You move so much faster than your opponents that you may feel like there isn’t any competition. On top of that you can dodge any attacks that are coming your way because the opponents move almost in slow motion when trying to attack you.  The developers did a great job making sure that people would be able to stay contained within their chaperone bounds though. They put a feature in that will turn the screen dark and pause the game until you move back in your chaperone bounds.  It keeps people safe and helps people not get too carried away so that they don’t break anything or anyone. They want you to keep the carnage in the game and not in real life. The bosses are fun to play against though. They are usually a little tougher and have some sort of obstacle that needs to be addressed in order to win.  With the bosses the game become more challenging.


Overall Gorn is a game that can be played for a good long while.  It can get repetitive but you can curve that lull in excitement by finding new ways to destroy your opponents.  There are also other modes like and infinite survival mode to see how long you can last against countless enemies.  You really can spend hours in this game and I very much recommend making the investment for this game. You won’t regret the experience to become a gladiator of Rome.  “So I stand and salute you and those that are about to die!”

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