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All Hands on Hyperdeck!

VVirtual reality is the closest thing we can get to a total immersion into another world, or setting.  Putting on the headset can transport your brain to other dimensions and worlds from the comfort of your living room or at your nearest arcade.  With the new innovations though VR has gotten even more immersive. We have controllers that allow you to add a simulation using your hands to the mix now and vests that simulate pressure from experiences.  The fast of the matter is that hardware and software developers are constantly trying to figure what is the next thing they can do to make VR more immersive, but also comfortable. That is where the MajorMega developers  come in.

We were very lucky here in the recent to be able to be invited to the secret lab of MajorMega to try there new up and coming product the “Hyperdeck”.  Tucked away into the corner of an office building in Lancaster, Pennsylvania is the home for the very first Hyperdeck. This piece of equipment is designed to not only help with an even more immersive effect for the user but also will help combat the giant hurdle that we know as motion sickness.  In the VR industry there is an issue with people getting motion sickness when playing games or experiencing things that have movement associated with them. So MajorMega designed a deck that will not only help with the issue of motion sickness but may even eliminate the issue.

major mega
hyper deck

The version we were able to test was still a prototype but still functioned at a high level of performance.  It was designed to have the user stand on a bit platform while holding onto a stand or turret like object that was attached to the deck.  They also had the space enclosed with fans to simulate air flow or wind. As the game we played progressed we would be shot by missiles that would blow up our truck in the game and when this happened the entire deck moved.  It wasn’t just like a little rumble strip but actual major movement that made me realize why those stand were there to hold on to. Without these stands i would have fallen for sure. This movement and air flow is supposed to stop the motion sickness that is so plaguing the VR industry.   It was also just a very fun and unique touch that they added to the game that allowed me to be enveloped into the post apocalyptic world that much more.

Overall i think that the Hyperdeck is a very innovative piece of equipment that i think will help the immersion and comfort of VR.  Although it is in its early stages and there may be some quirks i think that as it finishes development and makes it to market it will spark a new motion in the VR industry that will have developers looking to make other hardware pieces that will affect the real world around us during these experiences.  So congratulations MajorMega on blowing my mind. It was a pleasure to come to the secret lab and be one of the lucky few to see what the Hyperdeck was all about!

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