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About Us

Who is VRtechU


VRtechU started as a couple of brothers that had the idea of building a virtual reality arcade.  As time went on we began to fall in love with VR, and all that it had to offer. So we created VRtechU as a place that a person to come and be apart of a community that loves VR as much as we do.  Now we are a community of VR enthusiasts and VR business men and women. We can’t wait to explore all of the virtual worlds with you.


What is VRtechU


We are a hub for all things virtual.  We review hardware, new games, and any VR news that hits the public.  We also offer resources for the avid VR consumer to the new arcade owner that is looking for answers to help him grow his arcade.  We are trying to do what we can to grow the VR industry. We want to be apart of the virtual movement.


Why VRtechU


We recognize that there is a big need for answers.  With virtual reality being a new technology we know that there is a lot of confusion in the general public.  We get questions all of the time about all of the intricacies of VR. So we figured if one person has a question, there are probably more that have the same question.  We are trying to build the VR community and help the general public become more educated about an exciting and thrilling new technology.

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